SMART-UTU Iowa State Legislative Board

Iowa State Education Association

AFSCME Iowa Council 61

Breckenridge Endorsed by AFSCME Iowa Council 61

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Teamsters Local 238 

Teamsters Local 238 endorse Breckenridge

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​Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO endorses Breckenridge

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Letters to the Editor

by Wes Breckenridge

​​September 22, 2016

Max Tipton

Breckenridge is committed to House District 29

​May 24, 2016

Brooke Gulling

It's time for a change

May 19, 2016

Fritz Kramer

Breckenridge will unite party

May 16, 2016

Terra Kinney (Winterset)

Breckenridge is a leader

​May 13, 2016

​Sen. Dennis Black, Ret. (Lynville)

​Breckenridge will listen to everyone​

May 13, 2016

Mark Frymoyer (Kellogg)

Breckenridge is committed

May 10, 2016

Lin Chapé

Breckenridge is focused on issues

May 5, 2016

Craig Miller Jr. (West Des Moines)

Breckenridge understands medical cannabis

May 5, 2016

​John R. Halferty (Colfax)

​Breckenridge is diligent, dedicated

​May 4, 2016

​Carol Kramer (Newton)

​Breckenridge is a man of integrity

May 4, 2016

Rachelle Tipton (Newton)

​Breckenridge is a dependable leader

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Letters of support
For Wes Breckenridge

Organizations Supporting

Wes Breckenridge 

for State Representative

Iowa House District #29

​April 27, 2016

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Women need affordable health care

March 3, 2016

Newton Daily News

Desire to serve public led to candidacy

​​​January 21, 2016

Newton Daily News
Let's protect our natural resources

​​December 14, 2015

Newton Daily News

Vital funding needed for Iowa schools

​​November 12, 2015

Newton Daily News​
​​​Collaborative solutions needed for mental health crisis​​